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News 03/07/2017New Simonetta B Milano Campaign F/W 17/18

The ticking of the heels ... that is real music for the ears of every woman! Simonetta B Milan’ campaign for the presentation of the Autumn / Winter collection 17/18 is a hymn to the music and what’s better music than the music of the piano?
And so we find our new models that are appropriate for this unique musical instrument and how the piano gives you the ability to play notes at different volumes according to the touch, Simonetta B Milano offers its women the choice of many models with high heels large or stiletto, flat shoes or ankle boots... according to their personal taste!


News 03/07/2017New Scolaro1890 Campaign F/W 17/18

A campaign that reminds us that when objects are so beautiful and so unique like the old grandmother's bottom drawer, we still want them in our homes obviously revisited in a modern key!
A campaign that reminds us that since 1890, Scolaro1890 makes her women walk comfortably! And we, like grandmother’s bottom drawer, revisit their models every year to make them always more and more fashionable so our women can continue to choose us to walk comfortably!


News 28/02/2017Presentation of the new F/W 17/18 collections at MOC Moda Made in Italy

The new Fall Winter 17/18 Scolaro1890 and Simonetta B Milano’s collections will be present also this season at the international footwear trade show, MODA MADE IN ITALY from 19th until 21st of March. We invite you to come and touch our amazing collections at out booth! 


EG Booth A8 - Pav. 4

News 25/01/2017MICAM: Presentation of the new F/W 16/17 collections

Scolaro never miss the appointment of the MICAM, the prestigious footwear fair to be held at Rho Fiera Milano from the 12nd until the 15th of February.
Scolaro will present the new F/W 16/17 collections of its brands Scolaro1890 and Simonetta B Milano.
Scolaro1890 is the line for women who want comfortable and fashionable shoes, while Simonetta B Milano add a strong fashionable taste to the comfortable shoes!


Booth F19 Pav. 3

News 25/01/2017Backstage Scolaro1890 P/E 2017 Campaign

How many women do you know, who have shoe racks overflowing and they never know which shoes to wear? The Scolaro1890 woman is the one that to avoid to choose, decide to bring with her all those she likes! In the Scolaro1890 spring/summer collection is this the problem: they are all so comfortable and so beatiful, that our clients would’t pick up just one pair! This campaign was shot on the beach of our sea and it’s a tribute to the wonderful land that we call home! 

News 25/01/2017Backstage Simonetta B Milano P/E 2017 Campaign

A campaign that celebrates love in all its shapes! Love for the life, love for our loved ones…and so then let the love be…even for the shoes! 
Always beloved by women who cannot live without, whether sportive or elegant, perfect for the office or oudoors, women dont’t ever have enough! 
The new spring/summer collection 2017 is an hymn to love for the shoes, what are you waiting to discover it? We are telling you…it would be love at first sight! 


News 09/09/2016Presentation of the new S/S 2017 collections

Scolaro will be present also this season at MODA MADE IN ITALY, the international footwear fair to be held in Monaco from the 9th until the 11th of September. Scolaro will show the new Scolaro1890 and Simonetta B Milano spring-summer 2017 collection. We are sure they will have a great success!


EG Stand A8 - Pad. 4

News 03/09/2016MICAM: Presentation of the new s/s 2017 collections

Also this season, Scolaro will present at MICAM, the prestigious footwear fair to be held at Fiera Milano from the 3rd until the 6th of September, the new Scolaro1890 and Simonetta B Milano S/S 2017 collection. A modern and minimalistic booth design will host the two new Scolaro1890 and Simonetta B Milano collections for spring summer 2017. Scolaro1890 is the line for women who want comfortable and fashionable shoes, while Simonetta B Milano is designed for the woman who want a comfortable shoe without giving up to high heels and to a fashionable taste!


Booth K21K23 Pav. 3

News 08/07/2016Backstage scolaro1890 campaign F/W 2017

It’s all ready, turn light off…and let’s the show begin! The spotlights are aim on the shoes of the new F/W 2017 collection: feminine and some male models, lace-up, with heels or flat are all extremely comfortable. The F/W 17 collection will surprise you like the time that beatiful movie made you breathless, we created the new collection thinking of you and we are sure that you will fall in love immediately once you will see it! Now it’s time for you to enjoy the show!

News 08/07/2016Backstage Simonetta B Milano campaign F/W 2017

It happens to all of us! You have chosen a pair of shoes you like very much and you don’t know which is the perfect outfit to match them! Our new campaign will take away any doubt! We designed a series of outfits for the best models of the new F/W 2017 collection! The lace black pump is a perfect match with a black skirt, the grey wide trousers instead for the suede pump enriched with studs on the toe, while the ankle boot goes well with a folded jeans! You will be enchanted with our t-bar bordeaux and your favourite suit and the velvet pump is enhanced if combined with a dress below the knee!

News 18/02/2016Our new F/W 16/17 collections at MODA MADE IN ITALY

It’s going on the presentation of the new Scolaro 1890 and Simonetta B. Milano Fall/Winter 16/17 collections: after Micam, it’s time to Made in Italy, the prestigious footwear trade show to be held March 13-17, 2016 at MOC in Munich, Germany. The new collections have been a great success at Micam and we look forward to brilliant results on the northern European markets.


EG Booth A8 - Pav. 4

News 22/12/2015Our new A/W 2017 collections at MICAM

Scolaro will debut its new Scolaro 1890 and Simonetta B Milano Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 collections in exclusive preview at the 81st MICAM, the prestigious footwear fair to be held February 14-17, 2016 at the Fiera Milano complex in Milan.
These two flagship collections exemplify the world of Scolaro, designed and crafted for women who demand style and comfort.


Booth K21K3 - Pav. 3

News 22/12/2015Backstage Scolaro 1890 S/S 2016 campaign

The new Scolaro 1890 image is synonymous with elegance and modernity. An atmosphere of sophisticated restraint envelops the Scolaro 1890 woman – a woman who chooses comfort, without sacrificing style. The range of models created for the Scolaro 1890 woman is vast – from the most elegantly trimmed to make your evenings sparkle, to the most sporty, like pale pink moccasins or high-glam sneakers. For the Scolaro woman, shoes are an irresistible object of desire, but her choices must also promote good posture.

News 22/12/2015Backstage Simonetta B. Milano S/S 2016 campaign

The shoe shelves in your walk-in closet are full of shoes! What woman doesn’t want that? The new Simonetta B Milano image is a tribute to the array of models offered – fashion-forward, colorful, sporty, heels, wedges, with contrasting leather or sparkles – the Simonetta B Milano line gratifies women who love fashion but don’t want to give up their comfort. The entire Simonetta B Milano world makes shoe storage an art. And, voilà.

News 22/12/2015Backstage Benessere line S/S 2016 campaign

A Zen garden is a harmonious, relaxing setting known for its peaceful, calming effects, a place where you regain your sense of wellbeing. The Zen garden changes with the seasons; it is constantly evolving, just like the models in the Scolaro Benessere line. The orthopedic Benessere line is infused with modern design and all the shoes are fitted with orthopedic insoles for maximum flexibility of the ball of the foot, made of pliable materials and the finest quality leather to ensure the utmost in comfort.
The Benessere line employs simple, comfort-enhancing lines, bringing harmony to footwear.